Drug and Alcohol Testing

The university is committed to maintaining safe, healthful and efficient working conditions for its students and employees. As part of this commitment the university will conduct pre-employment screening examinations, random testing, and post accident testing, and reasonable suspicion testing in order to prevent the employment of individuals who have substance abuse problems.

Individuals selected for or employed in regular or temporary positions where the main duties include carrying weapons and utilizing arrest powers: providing health care and treatment service, administering medications, driving vehicles, operating heavy machinery or equipment, and providing counseling services directly related to substance abuse will be subject to pre screening and random testing.

Applicants and employees selected for testing and who fail to show for the test, declines testing, or engages in conduct that obstructs the testing process will be deemed to have refused testing. Individuals in such situations will not be employed by the university nor will individuals who fail a substance abuse test for a period of two years.

Additional information on this policy and positions subject to testing is available from Human Resources.

Safety Sensitive Positions To Be Tested

  • Athletic Coaches
  • Public Safety Officers, Patrollers, and Dispatchers
  • Plant Operations Staff
  • CAPS Counselors
  • Lab Safety Officers and Coordinators
  • Health Center Staff
  • Theatre Set Builders
  • Art Studio
  • CDL Drivers

Voluntary Disclosure of Drug Use

If, prior to arrest for an offense involving a controlled substance, marijuana, or a dangerous drug, an employee notifies their supervisor that they use a controlled substance, marijuana, or a dangerous drug and is receiving or agrees to receive treatment under a drug abuse and education program approved by the president or designee (HR), such employee shall be retained by the university for up to one year as long as the employee follows the treatment plan. Retention of such employee shall be conditioned upon satisfactory completion of the program. The employee’s work activities may be restructured if in the opinion of the immediate supervisor it is deemed advisable. The rights herein granted shall be available to a System employee only once during a five-year period and shall not apply to any employee who has refused to be tested or who has tested positive for a controlled substance, marijuana, or a dangerous drug.