Requirements for Employment

Criminal Background Check

Due to University System of Georgia policies which prohibits employment of such persons, KSU requires new employees to pass a criminal background screening which shows no history of conviction of felony or other serious crime.

Consumer Credit Check

Individuals applying for positions with responsibility for money that includes, but is not limited to, Purchasing Cards (P-cards), cash, and/or credit, will be subject to a credit history check.

Motor Vehicle Reporting

Positions that require driving any type of vehicle as an essential duty must be appropriately licensed and meet acceptable driving standards as defined within the policy.

Drug Testing

HR's Drug Testing Policy requires individuals selected for positions where the main duties include carrying weapons and utilizing arrest powers, providing health care and treatment service, administering medications, driving vehicles, operating heavy machinery or equipment, and providing counseling services directly related to substance abuse will be subject to pre-screening and random drug testing.

I-9 Documentation

As required by the US Department of Justice, all new employees must complete I-9 documentation and provide the appropriate supporting pieces of identification. Page three of the I-9 form lists all forms of acceptable identification and in what combination they may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Payroll Records

IRS regulations require that employees be paid in their name as it appears on their social security card. Employees will be asked to present their social security card for these purposes. In addition, new requirements effective July 1, 2007 require employers to validate social security numbers against the online verification system provided by the Social Security Administration and the Department of Homeland Security.

Provisional Employment Period

The Board of Regents requires all new, non-temporary staff employees to the University System of Georgia to serve an initial provisional appointment of six months. Employment may be terminated at any point during this provisional period without right of appeal. In general, employees still within their provisional period are not eligible for transfer or promotion to another department. As long as employment is continuous, transfers within the USG are considered to have already satisfied this requirement.

Participation in Retirement Plans

TRS & ORP Retirement Plans - Most individuals employed in a benefits eligible position are required by the Board of Regents to contribute pre-tax salary to either the Teachers Retirement System of Georgia (TRS) or the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP).  Contribution rates for these retirement plans are as follows:

  • TRS Contribution Rates

    • Employer Rate:  19.81%
    • Employee Rate:  6%

  • ORP Contribution Rates

    • Employer Rate:  9.24%
    • Employee Rate:  6%
  • Georgia Defined Contribution Plan - Most persons employed in temporary, non-student capacities are required by Georgia law to contribute 7.5% of post-tax income to the Georgia Defined Contribution Plan.

Temporary Employees

The Board of Regents prohibits temporary employees in a non-student capacity from being continuously employed for more than 12 consecutive months. Persons who wish to continue employment in this capacity beyond 12 months must have a minimum of 30 days break in service before pursuing the proper approvals for re-employment.

Additional Restrictions for temporary Student Assistant Workers

  • Course Load Requirements – Students must be enrolled at a minimum of half time student status to be employed in a student capacity. Half time student status is defined at six credit hours in fall and spring terms or three credit hours in summer term.

  • Maximum Work Hours – Student Assistants are limited to 20 hours of work per week in order to maintain concentration on their studies. During academic breaks and holidays, students may work a maximum of 40 hours with supervisor approval. In order to remain in compliance with F-1 visa status, international student employees may not work more than 20 hours at any time.

  • Multiple Positions – Student Assistants may be employed in more than one student position in multiple departments on campus provided that they comply with the work hour restriction stated above. Student Assistants may not be employed in both a student capacity and a temporary staff position simultaneously.