Hiring a New Employee

Talent Acquisition provides professional support services to assist in recruiting and hiring candidates for your vacant positions. This web page is designed to provide resources needed to hire a new employee.

We recognize the individualized nature of recruiting at Kennesaw State University and offer basic services along with various optional services. The Recruiter assigned to your search will discuss these options and help develop a recruiting plan tailored to meet your specific needs.

• New Positions or Refills
• Recruitment
• Pre-Screening and Resume Review
• Reference Checks
• Pre-Employment Screenings
• New Hire Orientation

  • Hiring Managers should contact their Talent Acquisition Recruiter to begin the hiring process. The Talent Acquisition team will create the position requisition and initiate the work flow to obtain the necessary approvals. Once the approvals are obtained, the requisition will be forwarded to your Recruiter who will contact you to review hiring specifics. 

  • Hiring Managers will have 24/7 access to view online application documents. Hiring Managers can schedule interviews during the posting period but may not finalize a hiring proposal until the job posting period has elapsed. For additional assistance, please contact your department's Recruiter

  • Training workshops are available and Hiring Managers should email the Center for University Learning or call ext. 3450 for times, location, and reservations.
  • If a Hiring Manager does not have sufficient funds within their budget, they will need to, in conjunction with their supervisor and business manager, identify a source of funds prior to submitting a hiring request form to HR. This may also include the budget amendment process.
  • Hiring Managers fill out the Hiring Request Form and electronically submit a completed form for both regular and temporary staff hiring requests. 

    Once the request has been routed through proper divisional and budgetary approvals, HR's compensation staff may analyze and review the request to determine the appropriate classification level of the position.

    Upon confirmation of the job duties, classification level, position number, title, and pay band, the request will be forwarded to your Recruiter for posting and employment support.

    NOTE: No recruitment may commence without a completed and approved requisition. 
  • If refilling for a position description that already exists in the Job Description Library, and that has no changes in job duties, the hiring manager may work with a Recruiter to hire for this position, with supervisory, business manager, and budget approval.
  • In order to manage responsibly, the University tracks employment growth, both in terms of employee headcount and dollars. The position management control number assigned to every position is critical to the University's financial management.
  • If a Hiring Manager does not have the vacancy or funds within their budget, no employment action may occur. The Budget Office will work with Hiring Managers and their supervisors to determine possible funding options and will approve, in writing, all funding proposals along with the appropriate Division Head.
  • Conversion of temporary employees to regular full or part-time status will be considered a new-employment-action and the approvals and procedure will be that of a new position. 

    Increase in hours (work/percent time) of part-time staff will require a PAF. If a regular, part-time employee increases their hours to 20 hours or more per week, they will become benefits eligible and the employing department will be subject to the administrative benefit charge.


  • The Recruiters coordinate and assist Hiring Managers in the recruitment of applicants for all regular and temporary staff positions. Faculty positions are coordinated through Academic Affairs

    Job vacancies are posted in a manner that gives eligible and interested staff fair consideration. Non-temporary positions are posted for a minimum of five (5) business days. Internal positions are posted for a minimum of three (3) business days.

  • Your Recruiter will post the vacancy on the university's web site and in any appropriate external advertising sources as requested. 

  • Each Recruiter will contact the Hiring Manager to develop a recruitment plan. This may include posting on higheredjobs.com, or other sites, at the request of the Hiring Manager. All recruitment advertising placed by the Hiring Manager must be coordinated with HR and copy of all ads provided to your Recruiter to ensure compliance with federal and state laws and university policy.

    Advertising Resources

    • KSU Jobs Listing - All regular and temporary staff positions are posted on the university's web site. Both internal and external applicants apply through the on-line application system.

    • External Advertising - To enhance and diversify the applicant pool it may be necessary to advertise beyond the university web site. Advertising options include internet postings, professional list services, and non-profit organizations.

    • Diversity - The University is committed to and facilitates a diverse work place with recruitment which may include advertising in publications with a minority focus, providing local organizations with university job information, and networking with various on campus and off campus individuals and groups. 

    Advertising and Travel Costs
    Costs, including advertising, travel, and accommodation expenses, are the responsibility of the hiring manager.

  • Chosen candidates will be screened against basic job description requirements. If desired, your Recruiter will assist in screening applications against more specific departmental criteria and present the most qualified candidates to the hiring manager.

    For internal candidates, your Recruiter can review the personnel file and provide information to the Hiring Manager.

  • Upon completion of the pre-screening by the Talent Acquisition team and the Hiring Manager, non-selected candidates should be informed of their status in the search process through online status updates. 
  • The online system provides the opportunity for the candidate to list references in addition to their current and past supervisors. Hiring Managers will conduct reference checks with current or past employers in addition to references provided by the candidate. Hiring Managers, after checking a minimum of three references, may formulate a hiring proposal. Your Recruiter will review the proposal for minimum qualifications and experience. They will also preview for compensation and obtain confirmation with budget prior to extending and offer of employment.
  • When an internal employee is a final candidate, the Hiring Manager should notify the candidate's supervisor to obtain a reference. Hiring Managers will also contact the Recruiter to obtain information regarding the employee's performance from the personnel file.


  • The hiring offer proposed by the Recruiter, and accepted by the candidate, is contingent upon the candidate successfully completing pre-employment requirements including:

    HR will initiate and oversee pre-employment activities and, if problems arise, the Hiring Manager will be contacted.

  • • Employee completes New Hire forms (tax forms, I-9, Direct Deposit, etc.) by attending an orientation session at HR. The employee should call HR at 470.578.6030 to schedule an orientation.

    • The new employee orientation is designed to provide new hires (faculty, staff, regular, temporary, and student) with the information and documentation necessary to work at the university. New hires may not begin work until they have attended an orientation session.

    • Benefits eligible new hires will have the opportunity learn about the various benefit plans, some of which are time sensitive with enrollment deadlines.

    • Hiring Managers will need to on-board the new employee by providing department specific training, support, and assistance, including obtaining the appropriate campus accesses.