Recent News

October 19, 2017
In conjunction with the changes to the Winter Holiday Schedule, a hiatus on new staff hires during November and December, as in years past, is no longer necessary.  However, in order to confirm a start date for the week of January 2nd, hiring proposals for external candidates should be submitted by Friday, December 8th.  This deadline will allow ample time for vetting and background screening of final candidates.  Hiring proposals submitted after December 8th will likely result in start date of January 9th at the earliest.  If you have any questions about this guidance, please contact your HR Partner.

October 6, 2017
Effective October 1, 2017, in accordance with Board Policy 8.2.24, any position resulting in a cumulative fiscal year adjustment equal or greater to 10% must have prior approval by the Chancellor.  The increase can be a result of multiple factors including merit adjustments, promotions, position reclassification, counter-offers, in-range adjustments, etc.   All requests for the Chancellor’s consideration and approval will be submitted to the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Human Resources at least 30-days prior to salary adjustment.