Time Clocks

In the Spring of 2023, the University System of Georgia (USG) completed an RFP process for replacement of timeclocks for all institutions. Given the complexity of this project, Human Resources, Fiscal Services, and UITS are working collaboratively on the implementation to replace the current KABA timeclocks with products from the new vendor, Time Clock Plus (TCP).

Who will be impacted?

More specific communication will be forthcoming for employees who currently use KABA time clocks and their managers.

Roles and Responsibilities 

HR will be responsible for establishing the employees who need timeclock user access and how they are set up in OneUSG.  HR will also review and approve requests for timeclock placement on campus.

UITS supports the installation and maintenance of timeclock equipment and will facilitate technical support through the usual process of service tickets at www.service.kennesaw.edu/technology.

Fiscal Services (Payroll) will use the information that is transferred from the clocks into OneUSG for processing biweekly payrolls.  At the appropriate time, managers will be responsible for ensuring that current employees get registered on the TCP time clocks.  Ongoing, managers will also be responsible for acclimating new employees to clocks and their time reporting requirements, during departmental onboarding.


Late August – Early September

  • Testing of the TCP portal and interface with OneUSG

Late September

  • Employee registration will take place and training resources will be released (Sept. 26-28)
  • Installation of the TCP clocks to be completed (Sept. 30)
  • The final transition from KABA to TCP clocks will occur (Sept. 30 at midnight)

Time Clock Locations