Manager's Forms

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Forms for Managers

For AUX Dining Hiring Managers Only. Use this form to submit a request to Human Resources to extend a formal offer to a dining candidate after verbal offer has been accepted.

For hourly paid employees only. Use when requesting a departmental change for how Comp Time / Overtime is paid in your area OR when changing Time Reporting Methods.

Use this form to request a special time submission method for individual employees that submit time differently from the rest of your department. If the whole department is changing, see the Web Form instead.
Use this form to request the hiring of a prospective employee or to request approval for an existing employee who will physically work outside of Georgia. Note: This form is a Docusign Powerform that should be initiated here. To PREVIEW this form before launching the Powerform, click here.

Use for any visitors to campus whose visit will exceed 4 days

Use this form when hiring student employees 

Checklist to be used for separating employees

Checklist to be used by managers of separating employees 

Use these forms to request alternative work schedule arrangements.

Use this form to request a physical time clock for your department. Note: Department may be responsible for all associated costs.

Evaluation Forms

For the annual review process of staff without supervisory responsibilities, click on the Performance tile in OneUSG. For interim evaluations, please contact your HRBP
For the annual review process of staff with supervisory responsibilities, click on the Team Performance tile in OneUSG. or interim evaluations, please contact your HRBP.

Progressive Performance Process

When an employee's performance or behavior is unsatisfactory, a progressive process for corrective action is strongly advised. The steps involved in the process may vary depending on the nature of the situation and can include verbal discussion, written warning, suspension without pay, and/or termination.

It is recommended that department management documents all steps of the corrective discipline process as they occur. As appropriate, this should include notice of potential further corrective action if modification of performance and/or behavior does not occur promptly.

Managers are required to coordinate with their designated Human Resources Business Partner (HRBP) to review and provide input on all written notices PRIOR to delivering notice to the employee.

Please use the Corrective Action Notice moving forward. If there are specific performance concerns that cannot be addressed in the Corrective Action Notice, contact your HRBP.