Critical Hiring Process


Download the Word version of Overview & Justification Criteria here.

In December 2019, the University System of Georgia (“USG”) instituted a Critical Hire Justification (CHJ) process, stating that only critical hires would be approved during this time.  

Critical Hire Justification Criteria

The USG shared the following information about justifications for critical hires. Please utilize this information to determine if a hire is critical vs. important and refer to these criteria as appropriate in the justification responses on this form.

A critical hire is considered a position that the institution must fill in order to maintain student success, patient/life safety, and to successfully meet required compliance and accreditation standards.  A critical hire is not the same as an important hire.  We have many positions within the university system that are important to institutional success but would not be considered critical.  Important positions will not be approved while the critical hire process is in effect. – USG FAQ Guide, 12/31/19

What type of documentation will be required for the justification? 

The institution should provide a compelling case for critical nature of a position in the critical hire form.  Any supporting data regarding student success, patient/life safety, and compliance or accreditation requirements that must be met should be provided.  For grant or contract funded positions, an institution should submit the award letter and documentation that supports the requirements for personnel and the compensation rates that have been agreed to.

All full-time faculty jobs with salaries over $40,000 and all regular, full-time staff positions with midpoints of $40,000 and higher cannot be posted until this form has been completed and approved by the Provost for teaching faculty or University System for administrative faculty and staff. 

Additionally, we have received an update that this process also includes reclassifications where the resulting pay grade is $40,000 or higher.  Please remember that reclassification is a reevaluation of a position that results in a title change and/or a pay grade change. 

Promotions will also need to go through the Critical Hire Process other than those that are part of a pre-established career ladder. 

Any move from interim to permanent also needs to be reviewed using this process, even if there is no pay change.

Any posting that has been closed, needs to be reviewed using this process before it can be re-opened and posted again.

All requests should be made using the UPDATED template. The instructions in red are where forms are coming in with incorrect data.  Please destroy older copies of the template as this one contains updated fields and directions that the system office is requesting.  This guide provides information on how to complete the form. Please delete the instructions in brackets on the form prior to submission.


  • Please note:  As of 6/1/2020, KSU has transitioned to the Careers platform. As positions are approved, your Talent Acquisition Specialist will reach out to you to schedule training.
  • This process does NOT APPLY to staff positions with a midpoint of $39,999 or lower. If your position has a midpoint of $39,999 or lower, please contact your Talent Acquisition Specialist.

  • This form should be completed by the appropriate administrator who is the immediate supervisor of the person being hired and should be reviewed by the Division Head or Dean prior to submission.

  • Once completed, the original Microsoft Word form should be routed to Submitted forms will be reviewed by the Provost (for all faculty and staff positions in academic units) or the Cabinet member (for all positions not in an academic unit. ).

  • If the Provost/Cabinet member approves the position, it will be reviewed by the Chief Financial Officer and the President, who must acknowledge their approval in writing per the USG policy.

  • For staff and administrative faculty requests, once a request has received approval by the President and Chief Financial Officer, Human Resources will transmit the required information to the USG review committee for review and approval. Human Resources will then communicate the resulting USG decision to the listed hiring manager, Cabinet Member and Dean (where applicable), HR Business Partner and Talent Acquisition.

  • Positions can only be posted after appropriate campus approvals (teaching faculty postings) or campus and USG approvals (administrative faculty and staff postings) are communicated by Karen McDonnell, Chief Human Resources Officer, or the Provost.

  • Positions in academic units must be received by 8AM on Thursday morning to allow the Provost to review and determine if she supports moving the position forward.

  • All other requests must be received from the appropriate Cabinet Member by close of business Thursday. They will be reviewed by the Chief Financial Officer and the President on Friday and will be entered in the USG request system by Monday. Requests received by the USG by Monday will receive a response by Friday the same week. 

Please send all questions to:

If your position has a midpoint of $40,000 or higher, please download the below Critical Hire Justification form to start the Critical Hiring Process.