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2022 Open Enrollment is from October 25 - November 5, 2021.

OneUSG Connect - Benefits Call Center 844-587-4236 (8 AM ET to 5 PM ET, Monday - Friday)

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    Text USG to 23613 to sign up for benefit updates and reminders delivered via text message

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    Open Enrollment Information Sessions

    During these sessions you can ask questions of a benefits practitioner in a virtual and interactive environment.

    OE Help Sessions

    During these sessions you can receive enrollment assistance from a benefits practitioner.

    • Date
    • Monday, Nov 1, 2021
      TP 2240 (Kennesaw)
    • Tuesday, Nov 2, 2021
      TP 2240 (Kennesaw)
    • Wednesday, Nov 3, 2021
      TP 2240 (Kennesaw)
    • Thursday, Nov 4, 2021
      R2-059 (Marietta)
    • Friday, Nov 5, 2021
      TP 2220 (Kennesaw)

    Shared Sick Leave Pool

    The Shared Sick Leave Program provides a means for USG employees to donate paid sick leave to a shared leave pool and for fellow employees who meet the eligibility provisions to request leave from the pool. Download the Shared Sick Leave form View the Sick Leave Policy here.

    • An employee must enroll in the program during the annual benefits open enrollment
      period established by the Board of Regents. Eligibility for enrollment is reviewed on January 1 following the open enrollment period and participation becomes effective January 1.
    • In order to receive shared leave, the employee must:
      • be a member of the leave program, and
      • have completed the initial provisional period of employment, and
      • provide certification of a serious health condition from a licensed physician, and
      • have exhausted all sick and annual leave (or must provide credible medical evidence
      that he or she will exhaust all sick and annual leave before the medical condition is resolved).

    • An employee may withdraw from the pool at any time by sending a written request to the Shared Leave Program Administrator. Any leave contributed to the pool prior to withdrawal shall be forfeited.

    • An eligible employee may request shared leave by submitting the Request Form and a
      completed Physician’s Certification Form to the shared sick leave program administrator. If the employee is not capable of making application on their own behalf, a personal representative, having documented power of attorney for the employee, may make written application on behalf of the employee.

      A potential leave recipient may request up to 160 hours (pro-rated for part-time employees) of Shared Leave at one time, and may make up to two additional requests for Shared Leave within a calendar year, for a maximum total of 480 hours (12 weeks) (pro-rated for part-time employees) per year. The requests may be consecutive.

    • All unused leave will go back to the pool.

    • You may donate leave in eight hour (8, 16, 24, etc.) increments, with a minimum donation of eight (8) hours and a maximum donation of 80 hours per enrollment period. Donors must retain at least forty (40) hours of personal sick leave upon donation (pro-rated for part-time employees).

    • Enrollment in the Shared Sick Leave pool is continuous and ongoing unless you choose to unenroll.  


    Open Enrollment

    • Open Enrollment for active employees is from Oct. 25 through Nov. 5, 2021.

    • Enrollment in benefits for the 2022 plan year will take place online, via the OneUSG Connect – Benefits system. You may also call the Benefits Call Center at 1-844-587-4236 for assistance.

    • Active employees will begin receiving Open Enrollment information in mid-October.
    • The Medicare enrollment period is Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, 2021, for the Jan. 1, 2022, coverage begin date.
    • Please refer to the USG website for Shared Sick Leave policy and forms. 


    • The Board approved a slight increases to premiums for all USG Healthcare Plans between $1 - $21 per month (.6% - 4%) depending on the plan and coverage tier in which you are enrolled.

    Monthly Working Spouse Surcharge

    • No, there will still be a $100 monthly surcharge for employees who cover a spouse in the USG healthcare plan and the spouse receives an offer of coverage from their employer.

    • Across the country, healthcare costs are rising, and Georgia tracks closely with national healthcare trends. Overall, USG’s costs are increasing at a higher rate than in the past. In addition, spouses on average cost $100 per month more than employees. USG is adding the surcharge to spouses that have an option of subsidized coverage in their employer’s plan.

    • Employees covering spouses in the USG plan will be required to certify whether their spouse has an offer of coverage during each annual Open Enrollment period.

    • For detailed information regarding the monthly working surcharge, please visit the USG website.

    Tobacco Surcharge

    • No, the tobacco surcharge will remain at $100 monthly. A tobacco use certification will be required during each annual open enrollment period.

    • Certification of tobacco use status is required each year for all employees and pre-65 retirees who enroll in the USG healthcare plan. If you do not certify your status and remain enrolled in the USG healthcare plan, you will be defaulted to tobacco use and will be charged the $100 monthly surcharge.


    • For the 65+ Retiree HRA Contribution amount will remain the same, at $2,736.

    • The contribution is staying the same based on the review of the average premiums of the plans in which USG retirees are enrolled, and this amount is continuing to provide a great value to retirees.

    • Yes, we will continue to provide the Catastrophic HRA for retirees with high prescription drug costs.
    • The Medicare enrollment period is Oct. 15 through Dec. 7, 2021, for the Jan. 1, 2022, coverage begin date.