• No!  However, if you are enrolled in the Flexible Spending Account(s), you must re-enroll in these plans each year.

    Additionally, if your Tobacco user status has changed in 2017, you must login and update this status in the Benefits System.  A $75 per month per individual surcharge is added to the medical premiums of employees and/or their dependents age 18 and older who use tobacco. 

    Please read about the changes to these plans in the 2017 Benefits Open Enrollment Guide to make sure you understand the changes to the plans.  Or attend a Benefits Open Enrollment meeting where the changes to the plans will be discussed.

  • You may enroll or make changes to your contribution amount at anytime. Both Part-Time and Full-Time faculty and staff are eligible to contribute to 403(b) and 457(b) account. You must submit your enrollment/change form to HR by the first of the month to have your enrollment/change take effect for that month. More information about the 403(b)/457(b) plans is available here.

  • Yes. To add a dependent to your coverage during Open Enrollment, you will be asked to submit proof of the dependents' eligibility directly to OneUSG Connect Benefits.
  • Under the Medical, dental, and vision plans, the coverage for your dependent child will continue until the end of the month in which your dependent child turns age 26 or until you remove your dependent child from coverage due to a Qualifying Life Event (i.e. the dependent child obtains medical coverage elsewhere).

    Upon turning age 26, your dependent child will be automatically dropped from coverage effective at the end of the month and you will receive a COBRA packet in the mail.

  • You may add your Adult Dependent Child (age 19 up to age 26) to the Medical, Dental, and Vision plans with no additional documentation other than proof that the Dependent is your child (i.e. birth certificate). You will no longer have to provide proof of full-time student status for adult dependent children on the Dental and Vision plans beginning in 2015.
  • Login to the ADP Self-Service Portal at https://portal.adp.com and click on the "Family Status Change" Link, then choose "Update Tobacco User Status" in the drop down menu. Complete the on-line Tobacco Certification identifying yourself as a non-Tobacco user. Your Surcharge will be removed the 1st of the month following HR approval.

  • The University System of Georgia is providing coverage for all over-the-counter items and Prescription smoking cessation products. It will include nicotine gum, lozenges and patches that are available as over the counter items as well as all prescription products like Chantix and Zyban. There will be a zero $ co-pay forthese smoking cessation products. All over the counter smoking cessation products must have a prescription written from a physician in order to have a zero $ co-pay.  Smoking Cessation information is available on the BCBS website smoking cessation page, USG smoking cessation page, USG Tobacco Use Certification Required and tobacco use cessation information is available here.