Family Status Changes and Qualifying Life Events

Certain life occurrences may necessitate mid-year changes in benefits status or enrollment. An employee who experiences one of the occurrences listed below can make benefits enrollment changes within 30 days of the event.

Family status changes can be initiated through the OneUSG Portal. Supporting documentation (marriage certificate, birth certificate, proof of loss, etc.) must be provided for the change to be approved. Employees who do not initiate Family Status Changes within the 30 day window must wait until the annual Benefits Open Enrollment Period to make changes.

Some examples of qualifying events include:
  • A change in your marital status; 
  • The birth or adoption of a child (including stepchildren and legally placed foster children);
  • The death of a covered dependent;
  • A change in the employment status of a covered member, his/her spouse, or his/her covered dependent(s), that affects eligibility for coverage under a cafeteria or other qualified healthcare plan;
  • The loss of eligibility status by a covered dependent;
  • A campus approved leave of absence without pay (maximum of 12 months);
  • You and/or your spouse being called to full-time active military service/duty;
  • Losing or gaining healthcare coverage eligibility under Medicare or Medicaid;
  • A change in residence to a location outside of a healthcare plan’s service area;
  • Healthcare plan election choices made by spouses with different employers in which the employers have a different healthcare plan years
A dependent who loses coverage due to a Family Status Change will be offered continuation of benefits under COBRA. Employees who experience a family status change may also wish to update their tax withholding status.

Effective Dates

Coverage for a newborn becomes effective retroactively to the date of the birth.  Employee will be charged the full month of premium regardless of the date the coverage becomes effective.  Premiums are not pro-rated.

Coverage becomes effective the first of the month following a marriages, divorces, dependents(spouse or children) losing or gaining coverage.