Alternate Work Arrangement Requests

Employees who fall into one of the Georgia Department of Public Health or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention categories for higher risk for severe illness with COVID-19 may request alternate work arrangements. Please note: if you are teleworking, you must have a signed teleworking agreement on file. Please click here for the Teleworking Program Guidelines

Alternate Work Arrangement Request Form

In accordance with USG guidelines, employees who care for or live with individuals at higher risk for severe illness with COVID-19 should plan to return to their campuses as scheduled. These guidelines are consistent for employees in public universities across the state. 

However, our goal is to provide as much flexibility and choice as possible within these parameters. Individuals may be eligible for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act or other policies.  

There also may be options for flexible work arrangements within a department or course even if an alternate work arrangement is not formally available through the Human Resources process. Individuals who are interested in exploring these options should speak with their supervisor or department chair immediately.

Instructors who intend to file for an alternate work arrangement should do so as soon as possible to ensure sufficient time to make class arrangements for prior to the term starting.

  • It’s important you discuss your concerns with your department chair or supervisor as soon as possible. Our goal is to provide as much flexibility and choice as possible within the parameters of the policies and procedures established by the USG.

  • Because of the logistics involved and the need to establish a firm course schedule for students and departments, instructors should submit requests as soon as possible.