HR Town Hall Meeting

2018 Town Hall Meeting Presentation

cover sheet for townhall presentation


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • No, only regular non-exempt staff positions.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, the performance review process is being revised accordingly.
  • Please contact your HR Business Partner to discuss interim pay needs.
  • Your manager will receive a letter and meet with you regarding any changes after the study is complete.
  • If an employee feels that the job description is not reflective of their actual duties assigned, they should have a discussion with their manager.
  • Yes, please contact HR if you would like specific information regarding the study.
  • Yes, we will take all USG experience into account when grading positions.
  • Initial review will have USG experience. Afterwards, each job description will be reviewed with the hiring manager. Experience outside of USG may be considered at that time.
  • Yes, HRAC members are listed on the the HR website.
  • Student worker hiring will stay within “Handshake” and if you have any questions regarding it please contact Ana Baida.
  • Yes. They’ll be available online once completed.
  • After the classification and compensation project is complete.
  • No, because they are here on a contracted rate, we won’t be changing them.
  • We’re currently still looking in to this to find the best decision and hope to have that determined at the same time the Class and Compensation project is completed.
  • Our goal is September 1.
  • Notification will go out that the project is complete and HRBPs will be involved with departments.
  • The department will need to arrange for this and work with budget if needed.
  • $1,000,000 for just the staff, faculty not included.